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Join us Monday, 8/28 8pm -830pm EST for “Why Men Cheat” on our free webinar series Love Talk with Susan Trombetti. Susan will discuss the various reasons why men cheat while also helping you avoid the pitfalls of attracting this type of man. We will also be taking limited dating questions ! It seems most people have been cheated on at some point, but some constantly seem to attract playboys as partners. It’s time you put a stop to this and find love! Learn the signs with us so you can spot these players from a mile away. 

Are you tired of being single? Tried swiping and online dating but it’s just not for you. Maybe you have been out of the dating scene for so long you don’t even know what swiping is? Do you have everything but a great relationship and can’t figure out why?  Maybe you feel like all the men your age date younger women and you don’t stand a chance, or they never want to commit, they already have a girlfriend, or your picker is just off.  Our matchmaker is here to tell you there are single, available men all around you. How to attract them, get a 2nd date, and navigate into a successful relationship is a totally diferent thing.

Join our matchmaker for our free Love Talk with Susan series on Monday nights as she dishes on why you just might need a dating a dating intervention instead of a date. The right guys are all around you and it’s about time you find out why you never get a 2nd date or why never blooms for you! Join us for LoveTalk with Susan and she can help you figure it out in this Monday night weekly series but you need to sign up below. Maybe you can’t afford a matchmaker, but you can’t afford to miss the same advice Susan give’s to her matchmaking clients! Susan will also be taking dating questions!  Be sure to sign up at the link below:


Please don’t miss our matchmaker’s advice if you want to turn your love life around! Susan is our lovetalk queen and former host of the LoveTalk Tweetup with the Frisky and our much talked about dating bootcamp which was featured in Us Weekly this past March. Think our advice doesn’t apply? Our advice is for you if you are:

  • Still Single
  • Unhappy in Love
  • Married but checking it out for your friend.
  • Just love our matchmaker and want to follow.
  • Have a boyfriend but not sure how to get the commitment you want.
  • Curious
  • Inquiring for a friend to see if this is right and you can help her.
  • Guys unhappy in love, too!
  • Need a dating intervention.
  • You make dating mistakes but not sure how to address them.
  • Considering matchmaking or date coaching. 

Some topics we will be discussing in our weekly series:

Why Men Cheat ? 

5 types of men you should never fall in love with! 

Ghosting and why people do it?

Is divorce baggage holding you back?

5 ways you can tell more about the person you meet online 

How to get back out there if you have been out of the dating scene for a long time! 



Susan Trombetti is a celebrity matchmaker, dating coach, and relationship expert. She has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and more. Her advice has been in Cosmospolitan, The NY Post, BravoTv, Today, Shape, AskMen, and many more.