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Susan Trombetti is known as the billionaire’s matchmaker for a reason. She and the Exclusive Matchmaking team work with über-successful singles seeking true love from all over the world. From Dubai to Monaco, to Los Angeles and Palm Beach, our luxe matchmaking service has helped many find their life partner and a lasting, fulfilling relationship. Matching high net-worth clients requires a very unique approach and differs from traditional match services and dating coaching. While some companies promise background checks, that simply isn’t sufficient for this type of matchmaking. Anyone can pass a background check, but we can tell you who someone really is. This ensures our clients are not set up with “gold diggers” or those wanting to date someone for their wealth, lifestyle and connections.

Whether you are looking for a trophy wife, someone to be the future mother or father of your children, or that soulmate that has a similar outlook on life, love and everything in between, our billionaire matchmaking service is for you. We want to help match you with singles you would love to meet, but just haven’t met yet.


For the distinguished client looking for
love in a global community

First, we learn about each client, explore their likes, dislikes, dating history, and other important “foundation” items. This can include exploring dating patterns that be repeating without the client realizing it. It’s common for singles to date the same type of person over and over, even when they think they are dating different types of people. The key here, is that our elite matching service is highly custom and focuses on establishing trust between the Exclusive Matchmaking team and client – after all, they are trusting us with their love life!

We also take into account that our elite clients are likely traveling often, juggling busy careers and social lives. They might be on a jet to London one day for work, and in Paris or Hong Kong the next day for a social engagement. From board members and celebrities, to CEO’s and supermodels, we want to introduce our clients to partners that have potential, but also understand the lifestyles of the “rich and famous.”