Are you a single man or woman in the greater Richmond area, who is ready to meet the match of your dreams? Perhaps you have had your heart broken, gone through a nasty divorce, or worse…given up hope on finding true love. You may have given online dating a try, or downloaded popular dating apps – but they have all fallen short when it comes to meeting that special someone you really connect with. If you are tired of being set up on blind dates, or going to the bar to try and find your “person,” it’s time to try something new. Although you may be inclined to believe that all the good ones are taken, Richmond matchmaker Susan Trombetti knows that could not be further from the truth. The problem is not that all the good ones are taken, the problem is you are busy with your life, and need a little help finding “the one.” A professional matchmaker like Susan Trombetti specializes in helping single men and women in Richmond, who have tried their best to meet their match, but have still fallen short.


For those ready to transform their love life today!


Worried About Settling? You Don’t Have to Settle!

You are ready for a committed, healthy and fulfilling relationship with the RIGHT person. You are not going to settle, because you know you are a catch. You might feel like you have dated everyone worthwhile in the Richmond area, but the key to success is getting outside your and your friend’s social circles. Susan Trombetti’s extensive connections and access to other singles is what makes her the most sought-after matchmaker in Richmond, Virginia. She will take the time to really get to know you, and understand your dating history. Through a highly personalized matchmaking process, Susan will help you develop a dating action plan that takes into account your preferences, hobbies and lifestyle. She will also help decipher relationship patterns that may be preventing you from finding the loving relationship you seek. This comprehensive approach to matchmaking is what leads to such a high success rate when it comes to matching singles. Susan doesn’t just send you out on dates. She gets to know you, understands your relationship goals and even provides dating coaching services. Too shy? Lacking confidence? Afraid of having your heart broken again? Susan will help coach you on anything that is holding you back from finding “the one.” She may help with a total image makeover, teach you how to flirt, or help you manage fears that stem from past relationships. Then, she taps into her exclusive access of elite singles to ensure you are not just going on dates, but are going on dates with the right men or women.

Common Reasons Elite Singles In Richmond
Can’t Find Their Match

  • They are too busy with their careers
  • They are busy living their lives
  • They can’t distinguish dating “wants” versus “needs”
  • They feel like they have already met “every single in Richmond worth talking to”
  • They have dating burnout
  • They are too shy
  • They lack dating confidence
  • They are hung up on a past relationship or marriage
  • They select bad partners based on poor dating patterns