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Why is it so hard to find love?

Finding love is not easy. For many truly successful people, dating and finding someone special to spend your life with gets even harder as your career takes off. The time you may have devoted to dating is now spent working hard at your job. The reward is a great career, but if you don’t get help for your love life, you’re left waiting on a miracle to happen. Furthermore, you might place high value on starting a family with that special someone – and time might be of the essence! Don’t give up hope. There’s a reason elite singles hire relationship experts to help introduce them to great potential partners.

Looking For Lasting Love? You’ve Come To The Right Place!

Exclusive Matchmaking and our team of millionaire and billionaire matchmakers takes the guesswork out of finding love. Not only do we help Chicago’s elite, we also help distinguished singles who are ready for love find the right person. We do this through concierge-level dating coaching, image makeovers and of course matchmaking – but what sets us apart from other companies, is our extensive global network and our highly customized approach with each client. We get to know our clients and explore their dating patterns, dating history, unique values, preferences and lifestyles, so we can match them with compatible partners. We believe it comes down to “quality over quantity” – especially given how busy our clients are with their own lives. Which leads us to our next point…dating takes a lot of time – but we can help with that.


For the distinguished client looking for lasting love in Chicago

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How Much Time Do I Need To Invest Going On Dates And Trying To Meet That Special Someone?

No one has time for countless blind dates, and yet, for so many singles, that’s the only option available. From online dating sites, to meeting strangers in bars near the downtown South loop, the experience is all very similar. Why? Because dating takes time and for busy professionals, time is the one commodity they have very little of.
COVID-19 hasn’t made dating any easier. Many people have decided to take a hiatus from dating, only to realize that the economic forecast is that our “pandemic lifestyle” isn’t going away anytime soon. That means, people need a better solution to find love.

That’s Where Chicago’s Millionaire Matchmaker Comes In

Chicago has a lot of singles, which you already know. We can promise you that if you think you have met every available single in your community, chances are you have missed a few. What about singles outside of the Chicago area? Perhaps, but only if it’s the right person. As you think about opening yourself up to new possibilities, you don’t want to compromise on everything.
Our elite matchmaking services match your dating wishlist with people who share similar qualities. A few extra miles are a compromise that may allow you to find your true love, but values like kids, financial stability, politics are things you would be wise to protect.
One of the biggest challenges professional singles have is that they need to date outside of their social circle. But very few people have time to take on new hobbies or pursuits with their busy lifestyles. Our Chicago matchmaking service has connections across the metro. We do the work of expanding your social circle so you don’t have to do the leg work.


That’s the one lesson you never want to forget. We don’t match you up Chicago singles unless it’s a true fit. We find you exclusive singles in the Chicago area who are ready for love like you are. But for some clients, a little dating polish is required. That can range from clearing your past, managing your wishlist/non-negotiable list, style and image makeovers, we help you with the dating process.
Our dating coaching doesn’t just apply to the matching process, we extend it well beyond .From first dates to talking about your past and more, we offer you the support you need to put your best self out there on each and every date.

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If you’re tired of waiting for love to find you, it’s time to take things more seriously. Our matchmaking service is selective, professional and confidential. It’s not like dating using an app, it’s a personalized experience. We care about your happiness and our job is to help you find the kind of love you fantasize about.
Our exclusive clients have lots to share about how Elite Matchmaking has changed their lives…

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