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Susan Trombetti, our matchmaker, is one of the best-kept secrets in Annapolis. Annapolis is a small town with great small town appeal with our national matchmaking services headquartered here. With Washington DC and Baltimore so close, it’s a lovely retreat from the city. From Eastport, Admiral Heights, and Davidsonville to Severna Park on the outskirts, there are many singles looking for love. However, it’s exactly the small town which hinders singles when trying to find the love they desire. The sailing mecca draws boaters, the academy brings in the Navy, and the quaint summer town attracts the tourists. Yet, still, it’s difficult to meet eligible singles because everyone knows everyone. So how do upscale singles looking for love find it? Well, they use a matchmaker, of course. Bet you didn’t even know that one of the hidden gems of Annapolis was a professional matchmaker located in your very own town!

Annapolis is a great place to utilize the services of a high-end matchmaker. Being so close to Washington DC, Baltimore, Easton and Oxford affords us a great network of upscale, eligible singles. Whether you are a young professional new to town looking to meet someone great, a single Navy professor, or just recently divorced and trying to figure how to get back into the dating scene, we have a service that is just right for you. Our matchmaking services include date coaching along with matchmaking to get you back on your feet.

Since we are our local matchmaking service, we can offer a wide variety of services to young professionals as well that are not offered across the nation because of the ease of recruiting matches in Annapolis where we know, scout, and attract some of the greatest catches you have been dying to meet. Look no further because we have our finger on the pulse. We also are always involved in local charitable events whether sponsoring, hosting or attending. Next time you see us be sure to say Hi.


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So, if you are tired of online dating, try our professional matchmaker, Susan Trombetti, to help find your love.

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Not Sure About Professional Matchmaking and whether or not it can help you? Schedule a consult with our matchmaker and turn your dating life around today. Many women have found love by simply having a chat with Susan in the Annapolis Nordstrom café and embracing her dating tips. So, what do you need to do? Simply fill out the form after selecting “become a member” or join now and we will get back to you.