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Have Questions About Hiring A Professional Matchmaker?

There are many components to consider when hiring a professional matchmaker, so we have compiled a list of common questions and answers to better explain the process of professional matchmaking. Whether you are new to the idea of professional matchmaking or are seeking new matchmaking opportunities, we will address all your questions and concerns. If the questions below do not answer your questions about professional matchmaking, please call or email us by filling out the contact form.

Common Questions About Professional Matchmaking

Yes, every personal encounter and detail remains confidential. We would not be able to stay in business if we shared your information, or if your membership was public knowledge. One of the benefits of our service is that you aren’t available online for everyone to view.

No, only exclusive matchmaking can view your information.

We offer a highly personalized service to generate matches. We background check all of our matchmaking clients. All members are single, available, and high caliber. We will never set you up one a date with someone who is married, separated, involved, lying about their age, or other dating problems that you can encounter online or through other traditional dating methods.

Absolutely, we will match all of our clients with quality individuals no matter their preference.

All members must be at least 21 years of age, but our clients are typically in their late thirties and up.

Yes, we have other services that range from dating consultation and coaching, image consultations, dating questions, and some events. We offer a full range of services to enhance your dating life and experience.

No, signing up as a free member is a different experience than being a paying client. Many people assume they will be able to have a trial run before making the commitment to the cost of a being a client. They are not the same experience, as our paying clients receive highly personalized attention and comprehensive professional matchmaking services.

No, free members might not ever go on a date, as matches are highly dependent on our client’s criteria. Only clients only have numerous introductions and dates.

Please fill out the online registration form and submit two quality pictures. Please note, we will not consider you as a potential date if your photos are not clear and close up headshots. Your photos must only include you in the picture.