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Dating tip #1 – Put your cell phone away on a date!

Lots of people need a little dating advice from an expert and find that it can make all the difference in the world in your dating life—and I’m not talking about chit-chatting with your girlfriends. As a professional matchmaker and dating coach, I realize people sometimes don’t need an introduction, however, they do need a little date coaching. Sometimes, this coaching could be in the form of needing someone to talk to that they trust for an expert opinion when it comes to their current dating situation to steer them in the right direction. I know from my experience coaching clients that a dating tip or two can mean the difference between happiness and striking out yet again!

Being honest, not everyone needs matchmaking or can afford it, but what you cannot afford to miss is this type of personalized dating advice. You probably attract numerous people at any given time, but getting a date and navigating into a successful relationship is a totally different ball game. That’s why this type of service is beneficial. Finding love shouldn’t be out of your financial reach if you can’t afford our full matchmaking services.


Sign up for our new date coaching service for great dating tips and advice!

Here’s how it works: How does it sound to have a dating coach on-call for questions as you navigate this crazy dating world? You can have a call with one of our dating coaches for $89 to get started or join our monthly plan and relax knowing you can speak and email our experts for the dating help you need.

Call: $89

This is an introductory 30-minute call and is for one time only advice. This price allows you to receive great dating advice from one of our dating coaches without being a subscription member.

Silver Plan: $50 Monthly (or $379 for the year)

This basic plan includes a 20-minute call once a month with one of our trained dating experts along with one email to a dating coach and relationship expert.

Or Pay Yearly Below

Gold Plan: $149 Monthly

This plan allows for 3 calls at 30 minutes each per month with one of our expert matchmakers or dating coaches along with 5 follow up emails. It’s great if you are having problems in your current relationship or you want to talk about a major issue in your dating life.

Platinum Plan: $350 Monthly

Perfect plan if you want to speak to our celebrity matchmaker and get the same dating advice she dishes to her VIP clients. This plan allows for a 30-minute call and 3 emails monthly with advice from our celebrity matchmaker, Susan Trombetti. Access to VIP events, dating tips, partner discounts and more!

You may need our dating advice if you…

  • Want to figure out where to go to meet someone that is a little more upscale
  • Tired of dating online
  • Tired of friends with benefits and want a committed relationship
  • Don’t know how to break the texting habit and get to an actual date
  • Don’t know how to put yourself out there
  • Don’t know what to wear on a date
  • In a relationship, but need some dating advice
  • Just need general dating tips
  • Tired of talking to your girlfriends
  • Want to get a commitment
  • Figure out your own dating mistakes
  • Getting back on the dating scene

Whatever your current dating issue, this is personalized. Contact us today to see to see how we can help you figure out your dating life!