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Dating Bootcamp – Date Coaching

This is a one day, can’t miss event that offers a fun filled day for women. We do not turn men away, but it is mainly a woman’s event which consists of the same advice that our celebrity matchmaker, Susan Trombetti, provides to her matchmaking clients for substantially less. Sometimes, a little coaching is all you need to turn your love life around and get the commitment you desire.

Exclusive Matchmaking has designed this unique, fun, and engaging day to address the most common dating issues holding women back. We teach you to be your own matchmaker, address your unique concerns and provide answers not typically found in online or “how-to” books. Additionally, we will help you incorporate dating tips, a dating makeover, and coaching into your daily life for those who choose this upgraded service.

  • Find The One
  • Become your own matchmaker
  • Overcome dating issues holding you back from finding the one.
  • Receive a session with our top makeup artist, hair stylists, image consultants, trainers, and photographer to create and capture a great online pic if you select this package
  • Learn how to create an irresistible online dating profile
  • Find out how to get the commitment you desire in a relationship
  • Set your dating requirements and create a dating action plan
  • Master Flirting techniques
  • Identify where to find singles in your area
  • Receive private coaching session(s) depending upon the package you select

Date Coaching

Need some private time with our matchmaker for date coaching? Well, we have a package we designed specifically for you that addresses your individual needs. We offer a 10/60-90 minute session package that includes some of the most basic date coaching principles and then, after a consult, we customize a fit just for your needs. Our plan can include:

  • A dating action plan which helps you set your dating requirements
  • Wardrobe advice
  • Makeup and wardrobe consult with our experts
  • Wing man services if necessary
  • Coaching on the dating issues that hold you back
  • Homework to keep you on target
  • Access to our experts
  • Advice on your current relationships or men that you are meeting and dating

Schedule a dating consultation to see if this is what is best for you. Trust our qualified matchmaker to find you love. A lot of people thing they need matchmaking services but they really need date coaching.

Ask The Matchmaker $39

Maybe you just have a question, or want a suggestion from the matchmaker without a huge time commitment. This session is perfect to answer a question or two. We like to know what you will discuss ahead of time to make the most of this short period of time. Maybe you just want this time to get a feel for us before you commit to something bigger. Whatever it is, Susan can help. We have a limited number of these sessions that we offer weekly, so sign up as soon as possible.

Consultation For Matchmaking Or Coaching $350/550

This is the first step in determining if you are a good candidate for our VIP matchmaking or coaching. Just because you want matchmaking doesn’t mean it’s really what you need. Sometimes you can achieve great results with a different service, and we both need to take the time to figure out what is best for your individual circumstances. Perhaps all you need is coaching if you are meeting women on your own. Prior to the meeting, you fill out a consultation form and meet either in person, phone, or video chat. Exclusive Matchmaking determines what you are looking for in that special someone, and whether or not it is realistic and possible to find. This is a very candid session about your dating life and lays out your best options to finding love and a special someone. It is totally possible to walk away from this session and meet someone based on what you learned in this session. We understand not everyone can afford matchmaking, and that’s why we have other levels of service and something for everyone to improve your dating life. Appointments fill quickly, so book as soon as possible.

$350 Skype Consultation – most preferred

$550 in Person when matchmaker’s schedule permits in your city

15% deposit on your proposed matchmaking contract if you wish matchmaker to visit other than her scheduled dates (must inquire)
Recommended for VIP matchmaking, and date coaching (with the exception of the dating boot camp).

Dating analysis – See price list below

Are you tired of dating the same type? Tired of meeting women that won’t offer you a commitment? Are you tired of women only interested in what you do for a living and your wallet? Perhaps you need to know where all the great catches are and how to find single women looking for someone like you! Susan has extensive experience coaching men through dating issues and has heard it all! Work with a professional matchmaker one on one (without a long term commitment to matchmaking or coaching). This service is especially helpful if you need someone to bounce your dating issues off of aside from your friends and family. Susan is qualified to give you the answers you need and not the answers your friends think you want to hear. To determine what you are doing (or not doing), and what can bring you more success in your dating life, this service is a must. This dating analysis can even be used to have Susan review your current online profile, so she can provide tips and advice aimed at achieving maximum quality results online (suggestions may include image, communication style, self help books, etc.). You can also use this time to discuss your current dating situation while Susan offers tips to help make your relationship a success, ultimately determining whether this relationship is what you really want.

1 hour- $500

½ day which includes lunch $2000

Evaluate your date $299

Have you met a new woman and don’t know what to make of the relationship so far? Maybe she hasn’t return your call, or there might be something not quite right and you can’t put your finger on it. . Is your current relationship in need of help? Afraid you might make the same mistakes you have been making in the past? Do you want to ensure you are on the right track with this new person? Perhaps you aren’t sure and want to talk to a dating professional about how to gain the exclusivity you require, or determine if you should go out on another date with her. Stop wondering, and let Susan’s expertise be your guide! This is a half hour session, and one if our most popular services.


Interested in Becoming a Free Member? This option is available for women only.

If you are at least 21 years of age, attractive, intelligent, and single looking for a serious relationship or marriage, please feel free to fill out our registration form. If we are interested, we will call you and schedule an appointment to get to know you better. Along with your form, you must submit two high quality , current photos. Your photos do not need to be professional quality, but must include only you in the photo and a headshot. We will not consider your application if you do not include the photos, or if your photos are old or poor quality.

We actively search for matches for our clients. Free members are potential matches, but we do not actively work on their behalves to find a match. It is important to understand that a free member is not a trial run for becoming a client; you might not have an introduction or match. Only clients with signed contracts have a guarantee for introductions and matches. Your photos and information remain confidential and are not shared.

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