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Online Dating Package

This package maximizes your online dating potential and positive results when dating online. We will help you write your profile, select photos for your online profile, or send someone to take the photos if needed. We will recommend various websites for online dating and can even help you sort through your potential matches to increase your chances of online dating success as well as answer additional questions. Will also recommend various websites for online dating.

Get Your Groove Back Package

If you are ready to date, but you have a few issues you want to address first to enhance the real you and boost your confidence in the process, this package is for you. Have you been in a long term relationship and feel unsure of the dating world? Do you need a confidence boost by freshening up your look and wardrobe before you venture out? This package is designed to give you the utmost confidence and dating skills. This could be just the boost you need to get out there and meet someone special. This package is tailored and designed to meet your individual needs prior to beginning the dating process. This is a minimum 6 week package.

Relationship & Consultation Package

We will offer invaluable, objective insight into your current relationships. Whether this is a new relationship, or an established relationship, we can help you. Are your friends and family tired of discussing the same relationship problems over and over? Do you feel you are making the same mistakes in your new relationship as you have in the past and just want to get it right this time? If you are lacking the commitment you want in your current relationship, or another new relationship ended and you just aren’t sure why, give us a call and we will help you sort it out.

"The Total Coaching Package"

This step by step weekly consultation helps you devise a plan to get the most from dating and move towards finding your own match which leads to your long term happiness. This plan fits whether you are meeting people from the online world, the supermarket, or the cute girl or guy in your apartment building. This package is focused on helping you set your own dating priorities, requirements, and realistic goals to guide you to the one while monitoring your progress as you adhere to your own dating guidelines. We will help you narrow down places to meet quality people, give you pointers, and make suggestions to fill your social calendar.