2019 New Year’s Resolutions For Singles

New Years 2019 for Singles


It’s 2019 and you never thought you would have to worry about being single!  Ugh! But … Here comes 2019 and you meet all the wrong people online in 2018, don’t know the best places  to meet someone, not sure if the love of your life is online anyway,  and it’s just too hard. It’s time for a change!  Whatever you do, don’t give up! Rest assured, matchmaking or date coaching is your best bet most of the time, but you have to resolve to do something different this year whatever you do.  I don’t really like the term New Year’s resolutions. There is nothing you have to stop doing at 12 am that if you wind up doing again  that will mean you have failed at love. Just look at this more like goals you need to work towards much like career goals. This is about steps you will take in your personal life that will set you up for personal happiness later in life and not just now.  Just take baby steps. If you have longer term things you have to accomplish, just start that now and work towards your plan. Remember, you have to be a catch to catch a catch! Maybe a relationship is your goal but you need to work at it like every other goal! What can you do now though to make you one step closer to meeting that special person?


  • Toss all your baggage from previous relationships.  Everyone is hung up on someone whether it’s real or in your head. What that means is that it might be an ex you never fully got over, or that person you are dating even now that’s  not meeting your needs. One quick meeting with our matchmaker, Susan Trombetti and she can identify these problems quickly. You might not even realize what’s holding you back.
  • Learn to be positive. This is your year for your single self to shine. Repeat that mantra over and over. You are beautiful and worthwhile.  Let go of the negative self fulfilling prophecies. Trust me, they don’t all date younger women, not all women are gold-diggers, and people do meet online and have long term relationships.
  • Don’t worry about extra pounds and wait to date until you lose the weight. Just start eating better and exercise. How many overweight people do you see walking around with a partner?  Lots!!! Just set goals to work on it, but the biggest thing to do is find a wardrobe that works for you and get out there. The right clothes are empowering, and will give you confidence.  I am not saying you will look like an instagram model, but that’s a lot of photo shopping anyway.
  • If you don’t choose matchmaking, remember to pick 2 great dating apps. I like OKCupid and Eharmony. Maybe you could do match. Remember to put the time in. Our matchmaker can even refer you to a great online specialist. Dating online require a commitment to it. It’s like everything  else in that you have to make time to be successful.
  • Invest in yourself! Whether it’s a new wardrobe, a matchmaker, a therapist, a dating coach, or a new degree, it takes some money and time commitment to make it happen. You need to see this as an investment in your future.



Susan Trombetti  is matchmaker to the rich and famous. She has been featured on Dr.Oz, HLN, Today, Bravo, Cosmo, and many more. She matched Sarah Silverman for her show, ILYA on Hulu. She knows love and can change your life this year. Be sure to sign up here  for our database. If you wish to inquire about becoming a client, fill out the inquiry form on the right. Take that first step to finding what you deserve.  

See what Susan’s client’s had to say: 

“Susan is worth every penny. Everything she told me  about finding love was true. I am happily married to a wonderful man,  and it wouldn’t have been possible without her help. I was out there for 20 plus years and was 61 the first day I started working with her. Who says older women can’t find love, but that’s what I thought. I couldn’t get out of my own way to find love until I met Susan. I called her last Christmas to tell her about the engagement ring, and she already knew”. – M.L. , coaching

“Susan is like my personal fairy god mother when it comes to finding love. I worked with her on date coaching. She asked me to trust her to find love! Even though I wanted matchmaking, she gave me much needed but not realized date coaching that changed my life and outlook in one session. She is so warm and down to earth. I can’t explain it but when she talks about your dating faults, she is so non judgmental and empathetic”. –  L.S. coaching 

“Susan found my match on the first date and hit a homerun out of the park! She totally changed my life!  I don’t know how often that happens, but when she knows she knows. Just go with it. She feels like that good friend you can tell anything to, and you can immediately drop your guard. “.  D.B. -matchmaking






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