5 Great Fall Date Ideas

fall date


You know fall is fast approaching when you start to see pumpkin spice everywhere. The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. The chill in the air practically begs for romantic nights sipping wine and staying cozy and warm by the fire. This is a perfect opportunity to find that special somebody before winter! You need to have someone to cuddle with when the first snow magically hits the ground, and everything becomes quiet and still except for the snowflakes falling. As a professional matchmaker, I would advise you to start thinking now of what to do with your date as summer officially comes to a close. Here are 5 great fall date ideas and dating tips for you and that perfect someone.

  • Apple or Pumpkin Picking

Fall is the perfect time to get outside and be active with someone. A good date would be to go apple picking or pumpkin picking. This is an interactive and fun date idea. The doesn’t have to end after the picking. Take the pumpkin home and carve it or make an apple pie together. Don’t’ forget the ice cream scoop. This will leave your date thinking: “Wow that was really fun.”

  • Haunted House Tours

What a perfect way to get closer to someone! When your adrenaline is pumping, this mimics feelings of sexual attraction. This is why boring and predictable people go to the friend zone quick. This date idea will have you two holding hands and terrorized in a fun way before you know it. There are many haunted attractions during this time of year. This could a local ghost tour, a haunted hayride or a scary haunted house attraction. You can get creative with this idea. This date idea is for those who scare too easy. Remember the friend zone… you don’t want to go there!

  • Fall Foliage Walks

Put on your cutest hoodie and go for a fall walk at your local park! This is a romantic date idea that will get the sparks flying. Fall is a very beautiful time for those who live in an area where the leaves change. If you do this several times during the fall you can really see the leaves change. The fall landscape is a perfect backdrop to get the sparks flying!

  • Football Tailgating

Fall is the season of football! Many women think they are football widows, but we say join the party and have fun! There are many events that are going on around football this time of year. This is a perfect group date idea, too. Get tickets to your city’s football game and go tailgating before. You could also wear your favorite team’s jersey and go to a local bar to root for them. This is a fun and carefree date idea, especially if you’re special someone is a fan of a rival team.

  • Stay in and Cook

There are so many food ideas for fall. When it’s cold and you don’t feel like doing anything, stay in and make it a fall cooking day! Chili, hot apple cider, wine, apple pie, the list could go on and on. With this date idea you don’t have to leave your pajamas. End the night with a movie and romance by the fireplace.


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