5 Reasons Why He Ditched You That Your Girlfriends Won’t Tell You




Your girlfriends are some of the best people in your life, so in honor of National Girlfriend’s Day, we are going to tell you what they are afraid to tell you to your face. They’ve always got your back (especially during a break up!). But sometimes, being a caring girlfriend and an honest friend is hard when you see your friend getting dumped over and over. And while your girlfriends will tell you, “It’s because you’re too nice,” or,  “You were too good for him” they’re there primarily for comfort, and not the cold, hard truth. As a matchmaker, we want you to know your girlfriends will tell us something different then they tell you. They love you and never want to hurt your feelings! The truth is, though, he dumped you for a reason. It seems a little harsh, but Susan Trombetti of Exclusive Matchmaking knows the real reasons you were dumped, so it doesn’t happen again! So take relationship advice from her, and keep the girlfriends for fabulous vacation get-aways and flirty nights out on the town meeting hot guys with them as your wingwomen! Oh, we almost forgot… your girlfriends are usually good at keeping your secrets, too!! They just can’t and won’t tell you the cold hard truth as to why you were dumped yet again! It’s not a secret.


He dumped you because:


  1. You never say thank you for dinner.

Though you deserve to be treated like the fabulous lady you are, don’t forget to mind your manners! Going out to do special things takes time and money, so make sure you let your man know that you appreciate the things he does for you. Saying thank you is a two second phrase that can make a world of difference. You would expect the same from your man if you did something for him, so make sure you return the favor.

  1. You are not nice to other people.

That dinner that you sat down to the other night? If you were rude to your waiter, your date definitely noticed. If you were out shopping, and snapped at a sales associate, he noticed. If you continue to treat other people without respect that is how he thinks you will eventually treat him.

  1. You are a bitch to him and his friends.

You MUST establish mutual kindness and respect in order to make a relationship work. Enough said! There is no excuse to act like a prissy bitch. If he talked to you like that, you would call it verbal abuse. Work both ways Ladies!

  1. You are too bossy and want your way.

While it’s fabulous being a strong, independent woman, part of that is also being respectful to ALL others. Your significant other is someone you care deeply about, so don’t order him around like he is the hired help. Don’t even treat the hired help like that! He will hit the road as fast as he can. Part of being in an adult relationship means treating each other with dignity and respect. Keep your communication lines open, and have conversations taking his wants into consideration.

  1. You embarrass him in from of others whether it’s fighting in public, flirting with his friends, or drinking too much yet again.

You know that uneasy feeling you get when you see a couple fighting at the next table over?        Don’t be that couple! Whether it’s having a yelling match in public, getting flirty with his friends, or having too much to drink on a regular basis, don’t do it. Your boyfriend will be embarrassed to be around you. He doesn’t want to be your designated driver every night, and certainly doesn’t want to have to explain your flirtatious behavior to his friends.




Your girlfriends are there for you during the good, the bad, and the ugly, but it’s hard to tell the ugly truth to a friend that you adore. That’s why we’ve listed what they might not be able to say to your face, but what might be on their mind as they comfort you from yet another break-up. So in honor of National Girlfriends Day, we’re helping you skip the tough convo, and move on to the fab aspects of friendships.

AND If it’s just impossible to work it out with your man? No worries. Your girlfriends will be there to help bury the body 😉




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