Confessions Of A Matchmaker

why he never called you back

Bet you beat yourself up and your confidence took a nose dive. He never called you back!! She never wanted to see you again. You racked your brain to figure out why? Things seem to have went so well, or did they? As a matchmaker, I can tell you I can drag it out of your date as to why they never called back. It’s never what you thought. Maybe she didn’t go out with you and you thought it was your cologne. No one talked about their ex, you seemed to have enjoyed each other’s company, but it wasn’t a match. Well, believe it or not, lot’s of times, it really didn’t have anything to do with you. Just go on and yell next. Sometimes, your date for all his or her perfection, really just knows how to sabotage themselves thus preventing them from ever having a 2nd date or happiness in the romance department.  It had nothing to do with you. Check out my article and try to let it go! 


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