How To Get A Second Date During The Election


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Picture this: you meet a cute guy and it’s your first date. He looks great on paper and he looks even better in person. You haven’t even had a drink yet, so it’s not your beer goggles talking. You’re excited but half way through the date, oh crap, he starts talking (or ranting) about politics and the election! Next thing you know, your date turns into a ranting political maniac. Even worse, he has the audacity to think you are crazy because you are voting for Hillary, the crook. You think he is a jerk and doesn’t respect women because he is voting for Donald, the narcissist or crazy hair man. Seriously, doesn’t he ever look in the mirror? (Oh, sorry! I lost my train of thought thinking about his hair). Maybe you are on a date with a Bernie Bro or someone who just doesn’t even want to say they aren’t voting for lack of a better candidate. Anyhow, this could happen because this election is so unlike anything before and absolutely polarizing. It’s just downright bizarre.

There’s also a possibility that your first date is a political news junkie and shows up eager to argue politics because he needs someone to spar with about Donald, and why he is so great. Supporters of Donald also feel they need to defend him right now because someone’s gotta help those who can’t themselves from tweeting stupidity at 3am about women. Your date is supposed to be about the two of you and not the two of them running for the oval office. Remember though, even James Carville and Mary Matalin got married. If they can overcome their political differences, then the two of you should be able to refrain from politics in order to have a fun date and make it all the way to a 2nd date. It’s not that difficult.
Regardless of how you feel politically, here are some tips on how to get to the second date during this election:

Don’t talk about it- Shut the hell up! Don’t be a Donald

It’s simple, don’t talk about politics. These two candidates are an explosive topic. This is a conversation that shouldn’t be had on a first date anyway! There’s a chance that they could agree with your political views, but there’s also a chance they won’t, and a better chance you won’t have a 2nd date. You don’t want to leave the date feeling turned off because of a difference of opinion over politics. There could be a real connection that may never happen due to a political discussion between you two. If they bring it up, just change the subject.

Don’t tell them who you’re voting for -Remember you could be judged either way

It’s a good idea to keep who you’re voting for to yourself anyway. You definitely don’t want to start the date off by introducing yourself and then telling them you’re voting for Hillary or Donald. It sounds as crazy as Donald’s hair, but as a matchmaker, I am telling you it happens. Some things are better left unsaid. If the relationship progresses, you’ll have time to discuss politics at a later date after you have made a deeper connection.

Don’t go out on the day of the debate if you can’t help yourself

If you can’t help yourself, make sure your date night doesn’t coincide with the debate. It could turn ugly if you’re having a nice dinner and the TV at the bar is broadcasting the debate with people talking about it all around you. This isn’t ambience. It’s just asking for the conversation to come up between you and your date. Since politics are all the buzz right now, your date’s phone could be blowing up (shouldn’t have anyway) with news notifications. It’s way too easy in this election to get into a political conversation so make the debate a night you stay in.

Walk away if they insist
There’s always that one person who goes on a date ready to rant about politics. Some people just can’t let it go. They go on and on about it. If you find yourself in this situation, go to the bathroom and don’t come back. Hell, he/she is probably crazy, and you don’t want a second date anyway. Life is too short to date a fool that doesn’t know how to keep quiet on topics deemed not polite for first dates or for cultivating some major flirting and romance.

Hope you have a great 2nd date. For all of you out there in relationships with people you love that force their politics on you, the election will soon be over. Thank God! I can’t take the two of them anymore. Unfortunately, we live close to Washington, DC and we will have to deal with the all the inaugural festivities after that, but most of you won’t,  thus bringing your misery to an end in about a month.


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