Matchmaker Gives 6 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make and Keep

New year 2018

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Think you need a matchmaker because another year has come and gone and you are still single? I know you feel bad about it, but you shouldn’t. What you should feel bad about is not putting yourself out there this past year like you said you would do. Last year you made love a top priority but you didn’t keep that resolution. You said you were going to cut back volunteering at the kid’s school and work less hours. You didn’t! How are you ever going to make time to date, and even if you did have some time, you were too frazzled to attempt your sexiest dating look. Who feels like it after a long day at the office anyway? The couch is calling your name on Friday nights. 

Well, sometimes it’s not just about saying you are going to find love. It’s the back story. As a dating coach and matchmaker, I like to look at your dating patterns and your life in general. I think it hard to just say you are going to meet someone without a plan. That’s more like the power of intention which is still a start. What you have to do is analyze what is keeping you from happiness and dating. Is it a little weight, is it your job, or is it something else? Write down your reasons and then write down what you are going to do to make it happen. This is important to see what is holding you back.

Read on for resolutions you should make and keep to help you this New Year! It’s all about baby steps.


  • Be a better person just because! Be kinder and more patient with yourself and others. It makes you a better catch.
  • Figure out what makes you truly happy and make the time to do it. Everyone is drawn to happy people.
  • Be grateful everyday for your single self and the things you do have in your life. It’s hard when you have a rough day and no one to come home to, so celebrate you and your independence.  
  • Learn how to make more you time. If you free up time, you can contemplate your love life and the best way to meet someone that works for you.
  • Go out more so you can meet someone. Even if you only go out for only 30 minutes to a happy hour with a friend, it puts you in another frame of mind and decreases your stress while increasing your chances of meeting someone.
  • Hire a dating coach, or a matchmaker. Both will give you an unbiased opinion of why you aren’t meeting “the one”. Friend’s will never tell you but they know why. They love you too much.


Make sure you keep your New Year’s resolution. Sign up today for our matchmaking services whether you want to be a client or a free member. Take that chance on love! We don’t actively search for free members and you aren’t guaranteed a date. 


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