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matchmaking services

written by Rebecca Strong

Maybe you’re tired of all the meaningless swiping on your phone, or you just haven’t had any luck finding someone special IRL. Maybe you’re just ready to meet more elite singles who actually take dating seriously. Either way, you’re here because you’re interested in matchmaking services and curious about whether or not they can help you. Here’s the short of it: Matchmaker Susan Trombetti is in this business because she’s passionate about giving people their much-deserved happy endings. And along the way, she’s determined to help you figure out who and what you’re looking for, all while working on your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to matters of the heart. Basically, matchmaking can absolutely work — but only if you’re committed to the process. So, how do matchmaking services work? Below, you’ll find an in-depth explanation of every component, from start to finish.


First off, let’s get one thing straight. If you’re coming to Susan Trombetti and her team for help, it’s because you’re 100% committed to finding love. You’re not just looking for a wedding date or a hookup buddy, or someone to hang out with for a few months to quell the loneliness during cuffing season. You’re ready for a deep emotional and physical connection.


Still interested? Here’s a rundown of how Susan Trombetti’s matchmaking services may help you find “The One.”


How Do Matchmaking Services Work?


The first step to becoming a client is to fill out the application form on the Exclusive Matchmaking website, or call the office at (410)-444-5683 (love). From there, you’ll be contacted for a confidential in-depth consultation, which is meant for one of the experts to get to know you and what you’re looking for in a partner. If you seem like a good fit for Exclusive Matchmaking’s services, you’ll sign a contract.


One of the things that Susan and her team members — who have all been trained in her proprietary ways — are looking to assess at this point is whether or not you’re fully open to the process. You can’t come in with a long list of strict must-haves and deal-breakers. For example, if you have a height requirement, or only date people with a very specific physique, you’re not suited to get the most out of this experience. You need to relinquish control and trust the expert to find you someone you can build a lasting connection with. And the truth is, you can’t find that by looking someone up and down.


Once you become a client, it’s time for some one-on-one coaching. Susan’s team is very hands-on in making sure you feel prepared to go on dates — after all, they want to set you up for success so that when you do meet someone who you have potential with, you can make the best possible impression. Basically, they will work on bringing out your best qualities, while providing helpful hints about how to get the most out of your dates.


Now comes the fun part: going on a date. Here is your chance to put all of those skills you learned from the coaching to good use, and also to start getting a feel for who you actually feel a connection with.


After the date, you’ll meet with your matchmaker to share how the date went. This is one of the biggest differences between matchmaking vs. online dating: you’re not alone — you actually have a pro to give you some helpful pointers for dates going forward, as well as help you figure out the next steps. Getting real-time feedback from Susan’s team is key because it allows you to work on fixing any habits that may be sabotaging your love life without you even knowing it.


Reasons To Hire Matchmaker Susan Trombetti & Her Team

Why hire a matchmaker like Susan Trombetti? Well, there are lots of reasons. For one, recent studies show that all that endless scrolling on dating apps can make people feel lonely and depressed — demonstrating that it might be time to try a different approach. Here are a few more benefits:


  • You’re busy with your career and don’t have time to weed through people to find someone actually worth pursuing
  • Discretion and confidentiality are important to you, meaning that you don’t want to put yourself out there publicly via online dating
  • The people you’re meeting just aren’t at the quality you desire
  • You’re wary of kittenfishers, catfishers, and con artists — and you want a third party to help vet your dates before you waste any of your time
  • Your friends say you have a “bad picker” — because you keep falling for the wrong people, so you need an expert to step in and find you someone compatible
  • Relationships just don’t seem to be panning out for you — and you’re not sure why


There are three things you need to know about Susan’s matchmaking philosophy — the one she’s trained each and every one of her team members in. One, the attention to detail is unparalleled. When Susan’s team makes a match, it’s because they have thoughtfully and thoroughly considered how two people might be able to complement each other’s lives. Two, Susan is also an experienced and sought-after relationship investigator with experience in tracking, data analysis, and lying detection techniques — which can be leveraged to your advantage while interviewing potential matches. In other words, Susan’s team can suss out any shady details about someone that might not be revealed by a basic background check. Lastly, Susan sponsors multiple charitable organizations, and these philanthropic efforts allow her to network with A-List celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, and successful CEOs and executives. In other words, potential matches are scouted from a top-tier pool of people.


You’ve probably heard of matchmaker Patti Stanger — if only due to her Bravo reality show. While she may be well-known, her tactics are questionable. For one, a former contestant revealed that the so-called “millionaires” on the show never had their bank accounts/financials looked into, meaning many of them weren’t legit. Susan says having, worked with many wealthy people that makes sense — they’d never dare appear on TV in real life because they value their privacy too much. Not only that, but Stanger worked with more than a few bad apples — like a man who was arrested for (and pled guilty to) fraud, a man who was arrested for allegedly raping three women, and even a man who was still married. Then there’s the fact that matches were scouted at clubs and via audition calls, meaning many of them were just actresses looking for fame. Not to mention all of her offensive, derogatory remarks that show insensitivity toward several groups of people. It’s no wonder why only one marriage seemed to develop from Millionaire Matchmaker. Susan Trombetti has a different way of doing things. She vets every single client thoroughly — doing more than your basic background check — to make sure that they are who they say they are, they live the lifestyle they claim to, and they are in this for the right reasons. Not only that, but Susan is known for her warm, compassionate, and understanding personality.


If you’re tired of putting your all into dating without getting anything in return, it’s time to stop settling for anything less than a high-quality partner. That’s where Susan and her team come in. Because all you should be focusing on is becoming and presenting the best possible version of yourself — and you can let them do the groundwork of trying to find someone who’s worthy of your time.


How much does matchmaking cost?


There are two kinds of daters who typically apply for Exclusive Matchmaking: the type who’s shopping around for the best deal, and the type who recognizes the difference between a standard dating service and an elite matchmaking service. If you fall in the former camp, know this: As with anything in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to matchmaking. Whether you’re investing in a car, a home, a piece of jewelry, or a bottle of wine, the amount you pay typically correlated with the quality of the product. The same is true here — if cost is your biggest concern, and you’re willing to sacrifice the success of your experience to save a few bucks, then Exclusive Matchmaking may not be right for you.


There are a few things that set Exclusive Matchmaking’s services apart that you’re sure to find will justify the investment. The caliber of the elite singles who Susan’s team works with is extremely high, and if you’re paying for coaching and putting in the work, you’ll always get priority treatment. Most importantly, Susan’s credentials and skills have proven time and again that she has a gift for matchmaking, and the company’s services are completely personalized to fit your needs and priorities. For example, you can request to work directly with matchmaker, Susan Trombetti, for one package or work with a member on her team depending on your budget. You can’t go wrong because Susan works directly or indirectly with every client because she interviews every match putting her stamp of approval on each person.


All that said, if costs are a concern to you for any reason, and if the team feels you’re a viable client who’s completely committed to the process, they can work with you to figure out a plan. For example, you can start by trying a private coaching session to get the same advice that Susan and her team members give to their A-list clients — and see why Exclusive Matchmaking has the potential to change your life.


The bottom line? If you’re ready for real love — the kind that you just can’t find swiping through photos or sitting at the bar — then working with Susan Trombetti’s team could be a game-changer. It’s time to shake things up: and these are matchmakers with years of experience making those meaningful connections that can last a lifetime.





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