What You Can Learn From Becca Sending Grocery Store Joe Home On The Bachelorette

Grocery Store Joe




Omg! I so loved grocery store Joe on ABC’s The Bachelorette, and found myself literally screaming at the TV when Becca didn’t give him a rose. I saw him in my top 4 picks immediately for winner of Becca’s heart. He was just so authentic and sweet!! What a regular, normal, nice guy. Alas, did nice and normal send him to the friend zone immediately? Was it too much talk of watermelons? I thought my disappointment and strong reaction was mine alone until I see what some of my buddies were writing on twitter.  Amazingly, although Grocery Store Joe was only in 1 episode, fans want him to be the next Bachelor!! As viewers, we saw what Becca didn’t get to see. We watched the preview on Grocery Store Joe on the show and saw how lovable he truly is. She said she was so overwhelmed on the first night and just didn’t see it because he was nervous. Well, he was sent back to Chicago for being nervous but she kept Jordan. It’s such a travesty. The fans and I wanted to see more of him! So, what can you learn from Becca’s definite mistake in sending him home? As I matchmkaker, I have tons of dating advice and experience with couples on first dates.

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  • Never go for the charming, sweet talking, smooth guys! Guys that are nervous are the good guys!! It was truly charming that Joe forgot what he was going to say to her. He was so smitten and mesmerized by her in the moment, he forgot. He’s a keeper. She missed it. He was clearly nervous. Becca picked up on this too. It’s the liars, cheats, and assholes that are smooth, practiced, and game players. Big mistake as far as I am concerned and bachelor nation.


  • Make sure to always have a 2nd date to see the real person once they get past the jitters. Give a guy a chance on the first date when he is nervous, and have a 2nd. We can tell by grocery store Joe what a great guy he is, and so are the guys that go out with you on a first date. You can’t tell chemistry or who a person is when they are nervous. Stick around for a bit. 


  • You might have other options, but they aren’t necessarily good options! There isn’t always a more perfect guy waiting for you to swipe. As you can see, Becca thought she has many other guys to pick from. Jordan, the male model, Lincoln who cheated at the game, and many more guys with flaws that we aren’t even aware of yet. Oh, the drama! We can clearly say Joe should have received the rose before a lot of these other guys that are left. He would make an amazing husband. If only…. But hey, maybe he will be the next Bachelor!


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