5 Types Of Men You Should Never Date

men you should never fall for

Ladies, lets face it. Sometimes we don’t make the best choices when it comes to men. We think the nice guy is boring, and never give him a 2nd chance. We fall for all the wrong guys…you know. We think we have chemistry when it’s really nothing more than relationship patterns. Worse yet, we keep making the same mistake. What happens when you are 50 and doing the same thing wrong that you did when you were 20? Well, there is always hope and for the rest of you, read on to see the types of men that you should never ever fall for!!  In fact, you should run when you spot one of these types. Read on to see my matchmaking tips on the types of guys you shouldn’t give the time of day to much less another another thought! Check out my artice at  YourTango and make sure you aren’t dating one of these types. 

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