Who I Think The Bachelorette Hannah B Should Pick On Tonight’s Bachelorette Finale

Hannah B picks Jed Wyatt

So, if you are afraid of Bachelorette spoilers, don’t read this post. Finally, the time has come for Hannah to pick the love of her life and run off into the sunset with her chosen one until we hear they have broken up in about 3 months time. Unable to escape the headlines of tonight’s finale with all the spoilers, alas it appears that what I said all along might be true. Hannah has a bad picker. It looks like she picked Jed and not the fan-favorite, Tyler C. He was certainly the better choice and there for all the right reasons. Let’s hope Reality Steve and all the inescapable headlines are wrong, but it’s doubtful. Every headline refers back to him and his spoilers. It appears she picked Jed, and they didn’t even last through the finale.

Why a Celebrity Matchmaker Says Tyler Was the Better Choice

Now, she had a 50/50 chance of getting it right with Tyler, but that’s not who she picked. I would say Tyler has better odds of becoming the next Bachelor at this point, so I am happy for him but sad for her. In all fairness to Hannah, Jed was in my top 4, but I have investigation skills. I would have so quizzed Jed til he spilled the beans and found out about his girlfriend back home prior to choosing him if I were her. Looks like Tyler C was ready for a relationship, after all, more so than Jed Wyatt, but Jed is definitely going to get the publicity he wanted for his music career!  My big question is why they don’t let her go back and profess her love to Tyler C as Ari did with his runner up Lauren? Maybe this split is all too new.

You Can Have Chemistry in Elite Dating

Whatever the case, I think Peter and Jed both having girlfriends left the door wide open for Tyler, my favorite. Hannah didn’t know that ahead of time, but she still should have picked Tyler. They have so much chemistry and she cried when he left after the fantasy suite.  He’s a great guy, and they have a lot in common. I think Peter the pilot would have also been a great choice for Hannah also, but it appears she let him go. I am not as bothered by his girlfriend because he broke up with her ahead of time long before he left for the show.  He does appear to have done the right thing, and who knows why he really broke up with her? His ex might just be singing the blues to the media for her 5 minutes of fame. Something tells me he was very sincere still. I think we are going to find out his reasons for breaking up with her had nothing to do with the show.  He is liable to be the next bachelor as well. His ex is trying to make him out to be a villain, but I don’t think he is.

Picking Mr. Right vs Mr. Wrong

I think Hannah B literally just didn’t pick the right guy. I liked Jed, too, so it’s easy to see how this happened if you didn’t know what was coming out in the media until after it aired. If you ask me, there was Mike, who was fabulous, too, but it appeared she was lacking some chemistry with him. At the end of the day, if Luke P wasn’t wasting her time, who knows what other guy might have been in the running. I loved Chasen the pilot, but he crashed and burned the first night!

So, here we go Bachelor nation about to wind down this Hannah B season that we all feel like we watched in vain. We get to see her pick, only to pick incorrectly, and miss this chance at love. Tyler is such a catch. He is vibrant, kind, and sincere. He was so respectful of Hannah B. They definitely had a hot romance. We watched on as the bad boy stuck around all this season only to watch the great guy lose out on the romance he deserved. In the end, it appears Hannah might still have work to do and might be the one who isn’t ready for a relationship.  I still have my fingers crossed for Tyler tonight in hopes all the headlines are wrong. No matter what, ABC won’t go wrong in picking Tyler, Mike, or even Peter the Pilot for our next Bachelor. Hannah, you missed the boat on this one. As a matchmaker, I always say you can learn a lot by watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

What can you take away from this and apply it to your dating life? Read on:

  • The right guy is out there and you are surrounded by them. That’s right. You too are like the bachelorette Hannah Brown. The right one is staring you in the face, but you keep picking the wrong ones. Remember that the next time you sign that you haven’t met the one yet.
  •  You might be wasting your time with the wrong one just like she did with Luke Parker.  That’s right, too. Hard to find love when you are occupying your time with the wrong guy.
  • “Work harder and fix this” was a brilliant piece of advice that Hannah delivered to Luke. Instead of working hard at fixing something or somebody, put it back on them. She deserves a lot of credit for this one line piece of advice. Too bad she didn’t follow it.

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